‘Citizen Hearst’ Offers Peek Inside Castle | 9-12-12

"Hearst Corporation is offering a rare peek inside its castle, with a documentary of the company’s 125-year history debuting next month at the Hamptons International Film Festival..."

William H. Macy Narrates New Documentary on William Randolph Hearst | 9-12-12

"The story of legendary rise of newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst and his Hearst Corporation, the inspiration behind Orson Welles' iconic 1941 film Citizen Kane, is coming to theatres in a new feature documentary.
Citizen Hearst, narrated by Shameless star William H. Macy, explores the 125-year history of the Hearst Corporation..."

Hamptons Bows 'Hearst,' Fetes Gere | 9-13-12
"A new feature doc about Hearst Corp., Citizen Hearst, will world preem as part of the Hamptons Film Festival next month...Helmed by Leslie Iwerks (The Pixar Story), Citizen Hearst looks at the history of the company founded by William Randolph Hearst. Film chronicles the history of the media giant from its early days through to where the company stands today, with a roster of papers and magazines..."


Film Explores Origins, Impact of Hearst Corp. | 9-14-12

"Citizen Hearst, a documentary about the 125-year-old Hearst Corp. and founder William Randolph Hearst, will have its world premiere next month at the 2012 Hamptons International Film Festival..."

A Long View of a Mighty Legacy | 9-17-12

"...Mr. Bennack will host New York’s media elite at the tower tomorrow to unveil Citizen Hearst, a documentary chronicling the company’s 125-year history. Hearst, whose own life was dramatised in the 1941 film Citizen Kane, started the company in 1887 by buying the San Francisco Examiner..."


Hearst Movie Seen as 'Towering' Achievement at NY Premiere | 9-19-12

"Citizen Hearst is about innovation and imagination and daring and enterprise. And as much as the word 'family' was spoken in heartfelt terms -- it's also about significant business savvy..."

Jennifer Hudson Adds Some Glamour to Hearst's 125th Anniversary Celebration | 9-19-12
"The anniversary marked a duel celebration for the publishing giant, also serving as the premier of the documentary Citizen Hearst, which explores the company's 125 year history. The documentary retraces William Randolph Hearst's conviction that print newspapers could boldly inform public opinion, through to the global impact of the company's multimedia brands and diversified businesses today..."

Hearst Corp. Fetes 'Citizen Hearst' Documentary | 9-20-12

"...All the hoopla was connected to the debut of 'Citizen Hearst,' a new PBS-style documentary that was screened at the Hearst Tower earlier in the evening, which traces the history of the media conglomerate from William Randolph Hearst to Helen Gurley Brown, featuring interviews with current editors and executives such as David Carey, Kate White, Jay Fielden, Glenda Bailey and Nina Garcia..."


Citizen Hearst Chronicles Evolution of Media Empire [VIDEO] | 9-21-12

"A never-before-told history of one of the great American business success stories is being unveiled in a new documentary. Citizen Hearst tells the story of the legendary media magnate William Randolph Hearst, from his early influence on modern journalism to the controversies that swirled in his professional and personal lives."

Over 140 Features, Documentaries Compete At Hamptons International Film Festival | 10-6-12
"Leslie Iwerks directed Citizen Hearst, a documentary about the man and his publishing and broadcasting empire — past and present. '(I was most impressed by) the power and reach that he had, the boldness of his innovations and being able to say, ‘I believe in this medium, and I’m going to invest in it and see where it goes,'' Iwerks told 1010 WINS’ Juliet Papa..."



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